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The truth about ISDN circuits, Multi lines and January 2020

The end is in site for businesses ISDN and multi lines (PSTN)! But what does it actually mean to UK businesses and what is the truth about ISDN circuits?

Well if you’re a business in the Netherlands, you should definitely be panicking. As their ISDN circuits will be coming to an end on September 1st  of this year. The end of ISDN in the Netherlands was announced back in 2017, allowing businesses a whole 2 years to find alternatives prior to the big switch off.

ISDN and PSTN has been the backbone of the communication network in the UK for over 30 years. Since 1986, ISDN has allowed businesses greater flexibility and resilience compared to the old analogue network. So what’s next?

Well, it’s all going digital, literally. Whether businesses choose SIP or VOIP based technology, things can only get better. Digital technology not only offers greater resilience, better quality and more functionality compared to previous ISDN and Analogue based phone systems.

Here in the UK, we have known that BT will be ceasing the ISDN and PSTN network for a good number of years now. Knowing that the end cometh in 2025. Since this time, there’s been everything from complacency, lies and occasional panic buying. And it doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon (well at least not for another 5 and a half years).

So don’t panic! If your being told by your current provider that your phone system which uses ISDN or multilines. Is going to stop working as of January 2020 and you need to invest in a new system before the end of the year, well don’t! Invest in a new telecoms provider.

From January 2020, BT will know longer be selling ISDN and PSTN (analogue) services. No one is being disconnected in January, many telecoms suppliers are creating deliberate confusion with misleading headlines. Some are just spreading out and out lies. To trick their customers into purchasing new systems and sign extended contracts. ISDN and PSTN will end in 2025.

So do you need to change your system now? Well the truth is no. But it’s probably worth considering sooner rather than later.

Moving to SIP or VOIP telephone systems not only gives your communications infrastructure some serious future proofing. But comes with a host of features and flexibility that may not have been available to you previously, not to mention potentially reducing your costs and fixing them to a monthly rate. Some systems even allow for free calls allowing greater costs savings to businesses.

“Whether a business has 5 members of staff or 50. The joy of going digital means that as your business is not restricted by that plastic box, gathering dust on the wall. Growth is no longer an issue, digital systems can grow and evolve as the business does!” Matthew Small, Operations Director at Telecom 150 Ltd

The truth about ISDN circuits is that they are going and if you still have a system that relies on ISDN in 2025. Then be warned it’s going to stop working if you’ve done nothing. But don’t panic buy a new system or have a knee jerk re-action to the false news of “ISDN’S to cease in 2020”. Do your research, speak with other business owners about what they are doing or have done and make an informed decision. Speak to Telecoms suppliers ask how they are helping their existing customers move from ISDN systems to digital systems. The best part is, with the correct planning migrating your services to a new digital system is relatively painless, find the right supplier and you should only have to do it once.


Written by Matthew Small, Operations Director, Telecom 150 Ltd.

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The end is in site for businesses ISDN and multi lines (PSTN)! But what does it actually mean to UK businesses?